Generation Z is streaming into the workforce, and their ideas about work and priorities are different from all other generations before them. Therefore, dealerships need to find suitable ways to best manage this new workforce. Failure to do so increases the risk of employee turnover, thus affecting your bottom line.

Today, we take a comprehensive look at how to create a dealership work environment that appeals to Gen Z and evolves with their ever-changing needs. Read on to better recruit, retain, and engage this new generation of employees.


Integrate Multiple Communication Channels

According to a CNBC report, a third of Gen Z workers list daily interaction with their employers as a necessity. The only way to support this need for constant communication is to integrate diverse communication channels. Focus more on channels that resonate with Gen Z – such as messaging and texting apps.

Generation Z is a digitally reliant generation that will appreciate diverse channels of communication. However, do not underestimate the need for in-person communication. Consider daily interaction using chats or texts and weekly meetings either in-person or via video chat.


Focus More on Employee Wellness

Gen Z’ers prioritize their happiness and health over traditional employee perks such as an office library or free parking. They are a generation that is attuned to well-being and finding a perfect balance between work and life. Establishing measures that let them know you care about their wellbeing is integral to retaining them.

A great way to start is by initiating an employee assistance program or workplace wellness program. Consider ergonomic desk accessories, gym membership reimbursement, healthy cafeteria options, free health trackers, and company fun runs. Ensure your organization’s core values include promoting a healthy work-life balance.


Offer Career Advancement Opportunities

Unlike the Millennial workforce that tends to make job changes every few years, the Gen Z workforce craves more stability. Therefore, employers who can offer career development opportunities will reap the rewards of their investment. You can finally have a stable workforce that is as invested in your company as you are.

Start by establishing a ‘promote from within’ policy in your dealership. It will also help to offer mentorship and scholarship programs for employee career development. Finally, consider offering more responsibilities to employees after every year of work.


Embrace Modern Technology

Nothing frustrates Gen Z more than outdated or old technology. Remember this is a generation that grew up with social media and Wi-Fi. Therefore, they are used to faster interactions and easier ways to complete tasks.

One way to meet the digital needs of Generation Z is by integrating modern technology into the workday. Doing this ensures your Gen Z workforce is more engaged and more productive. It also helps reduce frustration and employee turnover as many of these employees will not work with non-intuitive interfaces and sluggish Wi-Fi.


Provide Clear Expectations

According to the Harvard Business Review, more than 54% of college graduates are finding it difficult to transition to the workforce. Generation Z is new to employment, which means there is bound to be a steep learning curve. For starters, they are not accustomed to the standard of behavior expected in the professional setting.

Consider establishing a mentorship program to help new employees transition to the workplace. Your onboarding process should also provide clear expectations. Do not forget to offer honest feedback when checking on these employees.


Get Ready for the Gen Z Workforce

To create a Generation Z friendly atmosphere, it will be important for dealerships to embrace to the amount of flexibility Generation Z brings to the workforce. Using the above strategies, you can better recruit and retain these new workers while ensuring they are motivated, engaged, and productive.

At F&I Guys, we provide a whole dealership approach to our training. We don’t just focus on our product – we focus on all aspects of your store to foster an environment that employees want to be a part of – and stay at.