F&I Training


F&I Guys understands successful reinsurance programs require continued professional development. F&I Guys believes in managing F&I departments with weekly dealership visits. We recognize how easy it can be for dealership employee production to decline with once-a-month coaching. Our dealer partners enjoy best in marketplace production due to our high-touch coaching philosophy. Our F&I training program is a frequent ongoing examination of production and regulatory compliance. Our dealers share with us their F&I production is consistently at the top of their 20 group composites. We are the new generation of support and F&I training for automobile dealers.

We are proud of the proven results we have delivered for our partnered dealer principles. Great results do not happen by accident. F&I training, coaching, and mentoring are in our blood. Not only do we deliver a best-in-class product; we deliver great training. Just ask our partners!


  • Why aren’t my F&I numbers where I want them?

    The simple answer is effective training. Finding talented veterans is the old way of fixing a lagging department. We prefer to train F&I Managers with no experience. We build them from the ground up. No bad habits, no belief their way is better than the dealers, and no compliance shortcuts that jeopardize dealership operations. 33 of our last 36 F&I Manager hires had no experience in the department and they have achieved $1,600 PVR or better in an import store / $2,000 PVR or better in a domestic store.

  • How can I increase my personal wealth through reinsurance?

    There is a direct correlation between a thriving reinsurance position and the use of a products per deal index. Many F&I companies still use the tired old measure of PVR as the benchmark. Don’t get us wrong, PVR is important, but not at the expense of your reinsurance company. Your reinsurance company should be viewed as another profit center department with your operation. PVR at the expense of products can have the unintended consequence of higher than normal chargebacks because of rate spread. The simplicity of recognizing the rate environment we work within should translate into focusing on products per deal which enjoys employee compensation free reinsurance revenue to the dealer principle. Ask us how we execute this strategy!

  • Why is our training unique?

    F&I Guys trains your F&I Managers on a repeatable and identifiable process. Our dealers can recognize where the customer is at any given point during the F&I process by sight. Our F&I process produces “Yes” more often. We focus on the psychology of the sales approach rather than worn out sales processes that induce objections to the sale which many F&I Company’s still train on. F&I Guys also recognizes a competitive spirit exists in almost all aspects of a dealership. We foster that competition by blind ranking our F&I Managers production against our other dealer partners F&I Managers. 20 Groups are based on this premise, why shouldn’t your F&I partner harness the competitive spirit which thrives in the dealership setting?