F&I Guys is a leading market disrupter in a segment of antiquated F&I companies recycling the same tired sales approaches. F&I Guys has long recognized the automobile market has changed and our approach to F&I profitability leverages F&I Guy’s best in class F&I training program. Dealers F&I departments have evolved into a crucial piece of the overall dealerships sales and revenue goals. Is your F&I company’s passion and determination commensurate with your drive for success? Your dealership has options if the answer is no. We are F&I Guys and we are the answer.


We offer high-touch compliant F&I coaching, mentoring, and training. Today’s F&I marketplace requires more than a once-a-month visit. At F&I Guys, we don’t hope your month will turn out profitable at the end; we actively manage your F&I department to a successful month-end. We target regulatory compliance and knowledgeable reinsurance strategies to preserve and grow personal wealth. F&I Guys believe in being the service provider in our partnership, not the ultimate benefactor. How can we be of service to your dealership?

Does your dealership need capital to grow? Call the F&I Guys!

Our Auto Dealer Funding & Working Capital Loan Program offers a convenient way to receive funding for a variety of purposes such as acquisitions, construction projects working capital, inventory, expansion, or any other project.

Typical advances up to $5,000,000. Larger amounts also possible, depending on your dealerships’ F&I production and volume.

Contact us today to get the capital you need, now.

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  • "Arguably, the single best choice I have made for my dealership operations was signing up with F & I Guys. Every single measurable performance bar in F&I has been raised to benchmark levels and has remained there consistently for over the eight years."

    President & CEO, Saint J Auto Group